I am passionate about research. Research can be life-changing, influencing how we behave, or be integral to the development of audio-tech devices we rely on every-day.


I am deeply passionate about research. Research can often be life-changing, influencing how we behave and, for example, integral to developing the audio-tech devices we daily rely on.

Through my research, I seek to dig into sound and music’s opportunities for museumgoers when exhibited in museums. Hence, this examines how people interact with sound and music in museum exhibitions. I interview people after their visits to sonified exhibitions to grasp the nature of their experiences. I examine how these interactions develop across three fronts: representational, emotional, and sensorial. For representational analysis, I incorporate the ways in which sound and music are imbued with narrative meanings by museumgoers. In emotional analysis, I grasp the extent to which museumgoers react emotionally to the exhibition of sound and music in an exhibition and how this emotional response contributes to the overall experience. Lastly, the sensorial analysis seeks to explore the extent to which sound and music stimulate a response through their intrinsic materiality.

Through my research, I seek to be of value to the fields of sound studies and museum studies, informing and helping museum practitioners and curators in the pursuit of enlarging museum audiences through multimodal/multisensorial engagement. My research also aims to produce innovation in the audio-tech industry. Indeed, I understand the wide range of audio-tech devices* assisting the production of multimodal/multisensorial environments and immersive media** to be constituent features of the exhibits and installations themselves.

*headphones, spatial audio technologies, directional speakers, sonic beams and hypersonic sound technology, speakers activated by sensors when visitors stand in front of them and so forth.

**virtual, augmented, mixed reality products