I have a love for research, media and innovation and passion for sound and museums. Since my early infancy, sound and music have always had a strong presence in my home.


My father was crazy about music and used to spend all his spare time experimenting with sound-recording and reproducing technologies, seeking to achieve the most accurate sound fidelity as possible at that time. My mother played the piano and nurtured a passion for music. They both used to go to concerts and opera.

Having born in Lisbon, Portugal, during my childhood, I studied music at Academia de Música de Santa Cecilia. I then pursued my musical studies at Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa where I learned the piano, cello, and composition. I went to NOVA University Lisbon where I did a degree in Musicology, a post-graduation in Popular Music Studies and a post-graduation in Sound Studies and Acoustics.  I also have a MSc in Ethnomusicolgy with the thesis Popular Music Exhibitions in Portugal: Practices of Representation from 2007 to 2013, dedicated to examining the heritagisation of popular music in Portugal. Finally, I have a PhD (Doctor Europaeus) in Ethnomusicology/ Museum Studies with the thesis Communicating Through Sound in Museum Exhibitions: Unravelling a Field of Practice.

I’ve also worked for many years as a museum professional and curator. I thus soon get interested in commingling music studies and museum studies and practice exploring and examining the links between sound, music, and exhibitions.

I have two kids, a boy João and a girl Laura. I love to drive, to go to the movies, to travel, sleep and dream, both sleeping or waking.